Introduction (English)

Welcome to Tropical Disc, a refreshingly informative site with a typical „tropical” outlook on fitness, health, happiness and lifestyle.

Here were are, sitting at Tropical Disc Headquarters, wearing our Hawaiian Shirt, shorts and flip flops, and slowly sipping our pina colada...

Yet we are fully aware that the world needs information and advice on anything more stylish than our outfits and healthier than our drinks!

Therefore we'll be discussing anything worthwhile as long as it's somewhat related to the enviable, relaxed and in any way happy tropical way of life:

Fitness. This one is obvious, since we want to show off our lean, muscular beach bodies as often as possible...
Health. It's pretty hard to enjoy a relaxed life if your health fails.
Happiness. Even if you live in a cold climate, you can benefit from our tropical best practices on how to become and stay happy!
Lifestyle. Admittedly, this is a pretty broad category. We occasionally post about lifestyle-related topics that will make you look and feel better.

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